I made the decision to do what I could to help alleviate the feeling of inadequacy, isolation, depression and suicide among founders by sharing real stories of real entrepreneurs’ struggles and successes. – Kristin Darga

“Kristin delivers the topic of entrepreneurship and the lie of suffering with great magnitude and high enthuiasm.”
EDGY and Compassionate. 

Kristin Darga is an author, speaker, CEO, executive coach, seasoned entrepreneur and the founder of Impact Founder. She tells the real, gritty, and unsexy stories of entrepreneurship. She’s told hundreds of confessional founder stories and deciphered the cause of loneliness and suffering among business owners.

Her media company and her award winning book, Impact Founder, provide an outlet for entrepreneurs to share their hardships and their triumphs. She is a contagious creative,and visionary leader determined to active people’s dreams. So let’s (stand up) and give a warm welcome to Kristin who is here to share how she started the business that’s changing lives.

“She is dynamic at telling stories in a way that make you want to dive into the deep end of discovery together.”



HOW TO: Stop Suffering and Choose YOUR Success

Your reality is a lie. Do you remember the last time you woke up grumpy? I’ve deciphered the cause of loneliness and suffering among business owners and it’s simple.

This keynote uncovers the secret behind the lie we tell ourselves that we need to suffer.  After interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs, we look at the 4 areas that helped them overcome obstacles and find success. The 4 simple steps will help you  uncover it for yourself. I promise,  I’ll share how you can have LESS STRESS and overwhelm as s business owner.

In this 45- minute keynote, you’ll get:

-Success stories of all different types of entrepreneurs 
-You will identify your challenges and obstacles and they will dissappear
-4 ways to overcome obstacles