Group Coaching

Impact Founder teamed up with Mentality Coaching to build a coaching program built specifically for Entrepreneurs and Founders on the principle of success across Health, Wealth, and Relationships.

Founders and Entrepreneurs are generally under supported and over tasked and it’s our belief that with community and support we can all thrive. 

Key Areas of Focus & Benefits:

  • Creating the necessary life and business plans that frame your health, wealth, and relationships.
  • Create Fortune 500 C-Level Well-Being and Leader Care
  • A powerful community, accountability, and support structure worthy of your goals and leadership.
  • Be positively challenged at a level that friends, family, and colleagues won’t.
  • Hot Seat, Group Coaching, and Training to accelerate your milestones and results
  • Transform your limitations in raw power and authenticity so you can execute your vision.


How do you know you’re ready for the group program?

  • You are already a leader and want even more
  • You are committed to creating a life you love
  • You want more money
  • You want a more intimate and powerful relationship
  • You’re ready to do the work
  • You’re willing to breakthrough barriers, no longer constrained by comfort
  • You’re empowered to continue to step past the last place you stopped
  • You’re sick of repeating the same B.S. and want to change the trajectory of your life forever


GROUP COACH, JEff Zacharski




There's a funny story about Jeff Zacharski, he was one of our founder's first clients AND they have known each other since childhood. A couple of years later he went through a training for coaching certification. After a few conversations Kristin realized that he was the perfect fit to develop a group program together to better serve our followers. Read on to learn more about Jeff and why he was the right person for the collaboration. 


Jeff’s BIO

How did I get into this work?

There I was at a vegan pool party at Moby’s castle sharing some celery juice with the lead guitarist player of Real Big Fish and I was at the top of my game… Just another day in LA.

On paper.

The truth is… I found myself in a familiar place. My heart knew something was off, but my ego wasn’t willing to look - until, one day, standing in an LA recording studio, working with John Legend as he put the finishing touches on the song “All of Me”, I realized that despite an outward appearance of success... I was miserable.

I had a hidden belief that all of me wasn’t enough.

This is where I decided to do things differently and hired my first coach. I choose someone who would give it to me straight, tell me what I wasn’t seeing, and help me take on the powerful and deep work to make permanent shifts and regain control of my life. Uncovering and shifting these beliefs hasn’t been easy for me BUT now I have more access to my mind, body, spirit, and power than ever before.

The work I did with a coach made such a profound difference for me that I decided I wanted to BE one! I took on years of training, certification, practices, and breakthroughs. I now help men dig deeper, love more fully, and share more authentically so they can become better leaders who make bigger impacts. I support them in committing 100% to their lives and no longer using fear, avoidance, procrastination, you name it in their lives.

Together we stand for Love, Acceptance, Authenticity, Full Expression, Relationships, Commitment, Integrity, Desire, Success, Purpose, and Wealth just to name a few.


A little more about my professional background: 
I am a Professional Certified Coach and also bring 15+ years of integrated start-up experience and expertise in business and technical operations, management, leadership, and customer experience across multiple industries. 

Some of my most notable professional achievements include:

  • Intern to COO at Affinity Telecom in 5 years followed by a successful sale where not a single employee lost their job.
  • Lead and managed the installation of 313 rural internet installations for underserved communities.
  • I’ve had music featured in television shows, movies, and even a number one Country album in Australia.


-- Jeff Zacharski, MS, ACCC, PCC 
CEO & Coach, Mentality Coaching
Head Coach Impact Founder