Meet OUR coaches

Our coaches are different.
They are like investigative reporters getting the story of what’s going on behind the scene. Best part is when they get to the bottom of what’s really happening and you break through the ceiling.


We do things a little differently here. At first it seems complicated, but we came up with this to keep things simple. When you sign up here you will be asked to choose a coach. Read the bios below, and choose the coach who you resonate with the most. 

If you’re not sure who to choose, send us an email  and you will be matched with a coach based on your personality, goals, and availability. If you don’t have a specific coach in mind, it’s ok. Try not to overthink it. All of our coaches are absolutely amazing. Our founder goes to them for her coaching, so that’s saying something! 



* Available through our group coaching program.

Vision. Heart. Harmony. Brilliance. Fun.

The Skinny:
What made me want to do this work? A journey to put down the ego and start leading from my heart. I have a strong passion for connecting and partnering with people, supporting their progress as they become a catalyst for change, unlocking and expanding possibilities throughout all their adventures. I bring my heart, my humor and my blue steel ridiculously good looks to every session. My expertise and instinct will help you not only expand but also plan and execute your dreams, unlock breakthroughs, and push through boundaries to achieve goals faster.

A little more about my background:
I bring to the table 15+ years of integrated start-up experience and expertise in business and technical operations, management, leadership, and customer experience across multiple industries. Into my transition, I followed my passion of music, pivoted careers, and stepped away from my stress-stricken day job into something that was more fulfilling. I am a music producer, songwriter, and coach who provides life shifting transformations, career focus, and project support for individuals and executives. I’m passionate about motivating and supporting my clients through their own transitions and toward their ambitions.

— Jeff Zacharski, M.S.
Partner Coach with Impact Founder, CEO & Coach – Mentality Coaching

David Martinsen

David loves business, investing and keeps his family first. Self taught as an investor in stocks 15 years ago has led him to other markets including real estate, businesses, hard money lending, forex and crypto-currencies.

David has spent 17 years in the world of business outsourcing and has worked with many Fortune 100 companies as well as new startups with a commitment to deliver on their company goals, values and bottom line. As an expert with data , he can find the needle in a haystack which helps him in understanding the markets, the health of a business and the impacts of human behavior to make the right change when faced with complex problems. He continues to consult in these areas and because he gets to be a part of the impact made for his clients.

Having lived outside the USA for 8 years of his career and across 4 countries, David understands the dynamics of cultures and a global economy play in our businesses, relationships and life challenges we face.

With 14 years of coaching experience you could say he has seen it all and yet David treats each session uniquely and listens for what would really make the difference. An example of ROI from his coaching sessions, is more than double business production. He knows each person is different and approaches it in a customized way.

In 2005 David had cancer and today he knows the value of that experience and shares it under his CancerTalk brand about what it’s like to have cancer. He is committed that relationships grow for patients with serious illnesses like cancer so that they can express themselves and those close to them actually understand the experience.

Currently David lives in Salt Lake City, Utah

Diangelinis Gabriella

DiAngelinis is committed to individuals discovering what thwarts their intentions for living their lives powerfully. With love and grace DiAngelinis’ no nonsense style of coaching hones in to develop individuals as the powerful effective leader they are. She is committed that everyone live their BEST life ever.

She’s started 3 successful business and currently owns a practice as a clinical Herbalist & Nutritionist. Her specialty in coaching is leaving individuals surprised at how powerful they are and that they’re the source of their success. She’ll have you creating strategies that give you direction toward your intended goal. As a coach, she has extensive experience in training, supervising and team dynamics. On a global level she currently trains and develops participants inside the Team Management Leadership Program at Landmark Worldwide to build teams, collect data in manage projects to completion and effectiveness. In addition to this, she is a global coach for the landmark course supervisor program.

When DiAngelinis isn’t coaching businesses or nutrition, you’ll find her in the garden harvesting herbs for food and medicine. She enjoys an eclectic  range of activities from jewelry making, tile work and sewing to hikes with her two dogs.