Impact Founder: Inspirational Stories of Entrepreneurs Who Risk Everything for what they believe in

After there were two suicides of startup founders and the sudden death of a third, Kristin Darga created Impact Founder to do whatever she could to help alleviate the feelings of inadequacy, isolation,stress, depression and suicide among founders by sharing real stories of real entrepreneurs’ struggles and successes. Through Impact Founder, she is on a mission to make sure another entrepreneur isn’t lost due to isolation, feelings of inadequacy, failure, or for any other reason. Self-doubt is part of life and sometimes entrepreneurs face the issue alone and lose their perspective. This book tells real stories of entrepreneurs to help all of us understand that we are not alone with the challenges.

“In the entrepreneurial world where most people talk about the successes and wins, it is extremely important to address the real and difficult issues most founders face on the way there. Impact Founder addresses these in the most honest, candid, and inspiring way possible through real stories seldom discussed. The community Impact Founder is fostering around shared stories of overcoming struggle helps entrepreneurs deal with their respective issues that we all inevitably face building companies.”Sam Tarantino, Chromatic FM